Why is logo important for small business?

Before we look at the reasons why a logo is important for your small business. Let’s discuss a few facts about what it is.
A logo is NOT your brand but it represents your brand. 
Your logo is a unique graphic element that helps people identify your business and perceive your brand’s personality. It is an important element of your visual identity. Some other important elements of visual  identity are graphic style, fonts and color palettes. They all add up together to create a unique identity for your brand.
Now, let’s have a look at why is logo important for small businesses. 

1. Grabs Attention

We all know that first impression is the last impression. A logo grabs your audience’s attention and portray your brand personality in an interesting way. You want your audience to recognize your brand’s personality instantly and perceive a clear message before their attention diverts.

2. Builds Trust


A good looking logo can add to your identity of being experienced and professional. It helps you to stand out from your competitors. Your logo style communicates to your audience through the color and fonts used in it. Every color and font excites an emotion and creates a connection. Therefore, your logo speaks to your audience even before you speak to them.


3. Get Recognition


People respond faster to images than text. When used with a proper marketing strategy, a well designed logo can make your brand unique and allow your audience to differentiate from others. It should be easily recognizable in large and small prints. 


4. Communicate your message


A good logo communicate the uniqueness and essence of your business. It allows audience to understand your brand’s principle if it is powerful, secure or focuses more on quality. It also portrays your target audience. Logos designed for brands targeting females are different than those targeted to male audience.


5. Symbol of your success


Part of your logo’s meaning doesn’t exist until, well after it has been created. Some of its meaning develops over time based on the growth and success of your business. The message becomes clearer and people are able to relate to it. 

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