About Us.
Founded in 2016, RedWood Code is run by a like-minded creative entrepreneur who’s always ready to help and improve your business with impactful online branding.
RedWood Code was launched by offering volunteer services to a non-profit in Saudi Arabia and successfully worked all the way to now offering services in USA, Canada and New Zealand.
For 4 years, we have been helping entrepreneurs and business owners by turning their brand’s vision into reality that gives them a unique brand identity to stand out from their competitors.
Making an impact with your branding has never been so easy!! Let’s create a successful brand together.
How can we help you?
Website and brand designing isn’t “just branding and designing”. There are a lot of things that go behind-the-scenes, where we work together with you to not just plant the seeds and expect fruitful results, but actually water them and work through the entire branding “life cycle” for the flowers to bloom.
By this we mean –
We work with you to not just “design” but to bring your vision to life by ideating, developing, and administrating.
What Clients Have To Say